Our Boot Camp

Boot Camp is delivered by professionals with over 20 years of experience in finance fields. It equips our talents with technical knowledge and essential real-world skills for a career in financial services industry. At completion of each milestone students give a live presentation where they present their work to our instructors in the same manner they would present it to the client in real case scenario.

Financial Statement Modeling

Talents learn to develop 3-statement financial models from scratch. They learn to apply a structured approach to modelling, select, develop and apply appropriate projection drivers, create various supporting schedules in order to build complete and comprehensive three statement financial models. Upon successfully completing this course, talents present financial models to our instructors. Contact us to review these presentations.

DCF Modeling

Talents learn how to estimate the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) in the real world, how to implement commonly used approaches to calculating terminal value, and all the nuances of DCF modelling. They test different assumptions using data tables to perform scenario analysis. Upon successfully completing this course, talents present a valuation model to our instructors. Contact us to review these presentations.

M&A Modeling

This course is designed to prepare talents for work in investment banking, corporate development and private equity. Talents learn about the current M&A landscape, key M&A concepts like accretion/dilution, pricing structures, acquisition accounting, and the step-by-step allocation of purchase price. They analyse real pitchbooks, OMs, and fairness opinions and learn how to structure an M&A model in the most efficient way.

Trading Comps Modeling

They start by learning how to select and "scrub" comparables, pick the right multiples and build dynamic comps models in Excel from scratch. In our course we use real case studies, industry best practices, and sensitivity analyses.

Transaction Comps

Instead of the traded share price, the price paid in an M&A transaction is used for the analysis. Step-by-step course they learn how to select comparable acquisitions and find important disclosures in filings.

LBO Modeling

Finally students will build a complex LBO model from scratch. Same as other milestones they will present this to our tutors live in one hour presentation. They learn about LBO concepts, typical deal structures, and current industry dynamics. Step-by-step modeling, covering the most common and challenging issues that emerge when modeling buyouts. This part of the course also concludes with a sensitivity and scenario analysis.